What is your payment schedule?
We collect a $500 deposit to reserve your hunt. 50% of your hunt cost will be due by February 1st, the next 25% due by May 1st, and full payment by September 1st. We accept MasterCard and Visa for payment by phone. No refunds after February 1st.
What Licenses/Permits will we need?
You will need a deer permit, hunting license and habitat stamp. Fees and procedures for obtaining these permits sometimes vary from year to year. Please contact us or visit our Licensing & Tags page for more information.
Does Illinois have a Draw?
Yes, each year the Illinois DNR has a draw for both gun and archery permits. Over the past several years the chances of drawing have been near 100%. Please visit our Licensing & Tags page for more information.
How do we get to camp?
You can drive to camp, or fly into St. Louis, MO or Springfield, IL where you can rent a car and drive the last hour or so to camp. We are about 800 miles from Harrisburg PA, 900 miles from Syracuse NY, 1150 miles from Springfield MA, 650 miles from Atlanta GA, and 675 miles from Dallas TX.
Do we need a vehicle while we are there?
While some farms you can walk right out from the camp, others require a short ride from camp. You will need a vehicle for transportation. Rental cars are available from both airports.
What type of lodging do you provide?
It depends on the camp. Our accommodations range from converted farm houses, lodges, cabins and motels, to even a bed and breakfast.
What types of firearms are allowed?
During the gun season, you can hunt with slug shotguns and muzzleloaders, including inline muzzle loaders. Scopes are allowed.
Can you hunt with a Crossbow?
Yes, our bow hunters can use a crossbow during the archery season.
How do we get our trophy home?
You can take it with you, or leave it for one of our local taxidermists to finish and ship it to you. If you have any further questions, just contact us.
Do you have a Trophy Minimum?
Yes, we are hunting trophy class whitetails so our minimum standard is a Pope and Young buck with 125 inches of antler. In addition, a select group of our farms are managed for 140 inch or better deer. If a buck is harvested with less than these minimums, a $250 fee will apply. This fee will DOUBLE to $500 if a small buck is taken on the last day.
Do you have references?
Yes, lots of them. Please visit our References page or view some of the video testimonials on our Illinois Hunting Videos page. Please feel free to contact any of them, but please be courteous of their time zone when you call.